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5 ways to protect your company from cyber-attacks

Due to the massive rise in network and technology, the cases of cyber-attacks have also become more rampant than before.  Since the pandemic, cyber-attacks have become more common because due to the lockdown the majority of employees are working on their personal computers and networks from home. 

Due to this, cybercrimes have become more lucrative and prominent than ever. From Phishing attacks, malware, viruses to ransom ware DDOS attacks, Zero Day Exploits, these cybercrimes are increasing day by day.

It is very necessary to protect your business or organization from cyber-attacks and secure the personal data and information of your company. 

Have a look at some of the ways by which you can secure your company from cyber-attacks:

  • Train your employees in Cyber Security and incident response

Due to increasing cyber attacks, it is very essential to train your staff in cyber security and incident response. Not all the employees of your company know about the consequences of cyber threats. They aren’t even aware that a minor mistake by them can destroy the cyber security infrastructure of the entire organization.

It is nearly impossible to train all employees to become IT specialists. Even most of the IT savvy may not have deep knowledge of cyber security attacks. 

It is very important today to invest in a good cyber security training course so that all your staff knows about the basic knowledge of cyber security and awareness. 

  • Allocate resource

It is very important to allocate resources for useful tools and technologies to keep the personal and sensitive data of your company safe and secure. When an organization grows in size and complexity, the resources towards network protection and security should also be increased. 

  • Monitor all threats

To protect your system from cyber crimes, it is also very necessary to monitor your system from time to time. Monitoring your system from time to time can help you to identify any unusual activity or glitches in your system. 

  • Prevent Hardware theft

Sometimes, hardware theft also becomes the reason for cyber attacks. Attackers access the hardware used by your system and then try to leak your information. So, it is very important to prevent your system from hardware theft. 

  • Access the security of your internet 

In order to keep your system secure, it is very important to keep assessing the security of your infrastructure and internet. 

If you are looking for the best cyber security services in India, contact GIS consulting, one of the most trusted and leading Cyber security companies in India. Gis Consulting provides all the cyber securities related solutions to its clients at a very affordable rate. 

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What Is General Data Protection Regulation And Why Is It Essential?

The data breaching and leaking are taken into consideration, since the time when digitalization started blooming in the country. Now, in this era, when everything is shifting online, it is very essential to protect anyone’s personal information and data.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Law that took effect in May 2018, to protect the data and privacy of people across the European Union. After that, many other countries also implemented the same type of law of data protection.  India took the steps of Europian’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) and established a committee to set up a data protection framework for India also called Data Protection Committee(DPC).  The proposed bill(Personal Data Protection Bill) imposes many rules for the general data protection regulation in India. 

Now let us know something more about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation )

How GDPR comes into consideration? 

It first came into consideration in 2012, when the Commission of Europe set out different data protection reform plans across the EU (European Union) to make Europe fully prepared and fit for the digital world. After four years of planning, in 2016 the agreement was enforced and a new law of GRPR was made.

What is basically a GDPR?

If talking in simple terms, GDPR is a set of rules imposed to give the citizens of Europe more control over their personal information and data. These rules were designed to provide a regulatory environment for both the business and citizens to take full advantage of the digital economy. 

What is GDPR compliance?

Information gets stolen, hacked, lost, or might be released into the hands of someone who never intended to get it. Data breaching hacking also happens now and then.  Under the GDPR, organizations have to ensure the safety of Data and they have to ensure that they are gathering data legally that too under strict conditions.  There is a fine of up to 4% of global turnover if the rules have not complied. 

Who does GDPR apply to?

GDPR applies to any organization in the EU and any organization outside the EU which involves the export and import of services, goods, or business in the European Union. 

GIS Consulting has a dedicated team of expert professionals who help organizations to build and implement the right solutions to manage GDPR( General Data Protection Regulation ) compliance. 

How A Network Infrastructure Audit Works & Why It Is Important

In the past few years, companies and organizations have become more capable of installing a number of external and internal network devices to its system. With the increasing network infrastructure, it becomes very difficult for them to detect any error or loopholes in the complex network system. Now here comes the need for a Network infrastructure audit.  It helps the organizations to analyze the current condition of their infrastructure and helps them understand in a better way.

What is a network infrastructure audit?

In simple terms, we can say that it is a process of mapping the software and hardware networks of any organization or company. It is a complex process that involves identifying the networks and detecting any error with the help of network auditing tools.  Network infrastructure audit also involves the security documentation of the organizations such as user accounts. 

When does an organization need a Network infrastructure audit?

 It is very essential to undergo network auditing from time to time for a company.  It plays an important role in business growth. Here are a few reasons why a business should consider a network infrastructure audit.

  1. Outdated and incomplete inventories:

When have you done your last auditing? Since then many changes have occurred. From updates in existing applications, the launch of new applications, budget forecasting, and the demands of networks and capital expenses all have changed. 

  • For refreshes and updates

Networks need to be upgraded from time to time. It is very essential to perform an audit to identify which networks need to be upgraded and replaced.

  • Troubleshooting and resolution

For troubleshooting and resolution of the complex network infrastructure, an audit is necessary. 

  • Compliance  standards

Compliance standards are an important reason to undergo network audits, especially for health care and financial industries. 

Benefits of Network Infrastructure audits : 

  • Network infrastructure audits help to improve the current performance of your company’s network infrastructure by mapping it correctly.
  • Enhance the abilities of your internal and external network infrastructure as per the current demand.
  • Identifies the weakness and loopholes that need to be fixed for future growth. 
  • Helps to detect any physical or configuration error. 
  • Network infrastructure audits verify the current situation of your network before any update. 

If you also want to perform the network infrastructure audit of your company, apply today on the official website of GIS consulting, which will help you in the business growth by performing any hardware and software audit, detect any error or loophole and mapping it in the right way. 

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What is PCI DSS Certification Compliance?

PCI DSS Certification Compliance

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is compliance that was made to ensure the complete safety and security of any online transactions. PCI DSS is a set of rules and requirements which is mandatory for every company and business that stores and processes the confidential online transactions of credit and debit cards.

Launched in 2006, PCI DSS Certification compliance has its motive to manage the security standards of PCI (Payment Card Industry) and improves the security of public accounts throughout the transaction process.

What are the 12 requirements for PCI DSS certification compliance?

1. Use and maintain Firewalls

Firewalls block the unauthorized and foreign entities attempting to access the private data. Firewalls are required in PCI DSS certification compliance because it prevents unauthorized access.

2. Passwords protections

Any third-party products like modems, routers come with a password and other security measures, which can be easily accessed. But at many moments, these vulnerabilities can be secured by businesses. Password protection is compliance to ensure the list of all the software and devices which either requires a password or other security access.

3. Protect the personal information of Cardholder

The personal data of a cardholder must be encrypted and secure with encryption keys. Regular scanning and maintenance of primary account numbers (PAN) also requires encryption.

4. Encryption of transmitted data

The data of a cardholder is transmitted across multiple channels which must be encrypted. Account number of the public also should not be sent to unknown locations.

5. Proper use of antivirus

Installing antivirus software is required for all the devices that store and process through PAN. The antiviruses should be regularly updated.

6. Updated software

Antiviruses and other software should be updated often for security measures. These updates are required to install for all the devices that store the data of cardholders.

7. Restriction of data access

Restriction of the data access is the most important requirement of PCI DSS compliance. All the third parties like staff and executives who don’t need to know about the data of the cardholder should not have it.

8. Unique Ids for the access

Uniques Ids should be created for different individuals. There should not be a single login option with multiple employees for the encrypted data.

9. Restriction of any physical access

Any information of the cardholder should be physically kept in a safe and secure place. Whether it is handwritten or digitally typed on a hard drive should be locked in the safest location.

10. Create and maintain access logs

Proper documentation of how data comes in your organization and how many times it is accessed is needed. Dealing with primary account numbers or the data of cardholders requires logging access.

11. Proper scanning and testing of vulnerabilities

Regular scanning and testing of vulnerabilities is required to prevent and reduce the different threats.

12. Document policies

Everything from employees to software and equipment everything needs to be documented. From where your company gets the cardholder data, where it is stored, and how it is used, everything needs to be documented.

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Certified Secure Computer User! A Solution To Cyber Crime

In this digital world, where every data and information are stored online it is very essential to secure your data. Hackers and attackers always try to exploit your data if there is any vulnerability in the network or software program. If you don’t secure your data at the right time, it will get breach at any time by an outside source or attackers.

To maintain the safety of the data and keep it private, certain programs are conducted to provide essential knowledge to protect data from the outside source and secure their information assets

Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) is the training program for those who want to get proper knowledge of data security and information sheets. GIS consulting is one of the leading cyber securities companies in India which provides the Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) program at the most affordable price. It aims towards the proper and informative knowledge of various computer programs and network security threats. All the students are given a fundamental understanding of identity theft, debit and credit card fraud, phishing scams, banking scams, breach confidential information, email hoaxes, online lurking, social engineering, and hacking.

The course involves the learning of skills to take certain necessary actions to mitigate the vulnerabilities and security exposure.

After the successful completion of the course and exam conducted by Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU), the students can identify the hacker’s theft, social engineering activity and secure their software program or operating system.  They are trained in using various tools and techniques to protecting the system, encryption of data, backup of data, and recovery of data. 

For those who want to make their career in ethical hacking and IT security, CSCU is the best program to get knowledge about data security assets and hackers.  GIS consulting gives the best knowledge to their students and guides them throughout their course and examination.  The dedicated team of expert mentors always focuses on all the technical and practical knowledge.

Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, and GIS Consulting also have their presence in the USA, CANADA, and Qatar. If you also want to become a certified professional in certified Secure Computer User (CSCU), enroll today with GIS consulting to get proper technical knowledge of cybersecurity and information sheets.

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Give A Kick Start To Your Career With Certified Ethical Hacker Certification (CEH)

If you are someone who is passionate about jump starting your career and are curious about new technologies then certified ethical hacker certification (CEH) course is just for you! GIS Consulting offers the best certification course for Ethical Hacking, the course gives you a solid foundation on everything you should know about Ethical hacking. Our ethical hacking certification course gives a clean understanding and teaches you all the in’s and outs of cyber security, developing your own protection solutions for networks and even overcoming security vulnerabilities. We also dive into in hand projects to help you learn how to defend networks from potential attacks.

Ethical hacking certification course has become one of the most sought after courses. This is because a large number of companies seek professional ethical hackers to protect their business network’s sensitive information. Ethical hackers protect their sensitive information from break ins, security breaches as well as protect the data from being stolen. We have expert professionals who have experience in the field and will not just give you the knowledge you need to know but also help you excel as a practicing security professional by teaching you real-world skills.

How can an ethical hacker certification (CEH) course help your career?

Our certified ethical hacker certification (CEH) course is beneficial as it will help teach you everything you need to know to become an expert ethical hacker. Here are a few ways in which the certified ethical hacker certification (CEH) offered by GIS Consulting can jell your career:

  • Teaches you the technical logistics and business behind the penetration testing.
  • Detecting the live system by interface and identifying all evolving threats from all types of hackers.
  • Protect the network security of the business networks from malware, including backdoors, viruses, Trojan’s, etc.
  • implementing all counter measures to stop datebae attacks such as SQL injections.
  • Identify between penetration testing and vulnerability assessments and mastering ways to disable system hacking as well as network hacking.

Go to our website and fill up the form to enroll or give us a call to know more about the certified ethical hacker certification (CEH) course offered by GIS Consulting. You can reserve your seat online and also check the schedule of all the classes, so that you can select the course that suits you the most. The ethical hacking certification course offered by us is cost effective and affordable.

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Do You Want To Get Professional Assistance From The Best ERP Solutions And Services Provider?

GIS Consulting is the top leading Secure Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions and service providers with years of experience in the field. We have a team of expert professionals who have years of experience in the field. We understand that ERP implementations are a large component of any organisation’s IT spendings and that it does not end with just one implementation. As the results of your investments start with a post implementation audit. Which most companies fail to conduct. It is essential as the post implementation audits help in finding out if the ERP implementations are achieving their goal as well as gutting with the business of your website. Post implementation is crucial to conduct the audit and identify the areas of optimization. As Optimization is required at both the system level as well as for the  business functions. All our services are affordable, cost effective and of the highest quality.

Why is GIS Consulting your ideal partner for all services related to ERP?

Apart from the best Secure Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions provider in the country we also are among the most experienced in the field. Here are a few reasons why we are the best on our field and also why we are your ideal partner when it comes to Secure Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions:

  • We at GIS Consulting not only offer a complete audit and gap analysis report but also assist all our clients in achieving a full business process by re-engineering across the business processes.
  • We offer ERP audit professionals who to end our field trip in milestones that are driven on engagement or time and material based.
  • We gave a senior ERP professional who has years of experience in ERP (MS/SAP/ ORACLE) Consulting Methodology that will assist you in identifying the  bottlenecks for growth as well as efficiencies for your business website.
  • Our team of ERP professionals at GIS Consulting have a background of working with business process audit organisations as well as management consulting.

You can contact us for any further questions or queries that you might have regarding any information related to Secure Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions. You can also simply fill up the form of ERO solutions and services available on our official website to get in touch with us. We are the best in our field and also offer high quality services that are extremely cost effective for your company’s business.

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What is General Data Protection Regulation India?

General Data Protection Regulation India also known as GDPR. The new law introduced by the EU brings a 21st century approach to the data protection regulations. The GDPR not also expands the right of a person to control how their personal data is collected as well as processed. It also places many new obligations in organisations to be more accountable for data protection.

GDPR with the appropriate compliance framework not only helps your organisation to avoid reputational damage and also the significant fines. The GDPR also ensures your clients that your business is completely trustworthy, responsible and also derives valuable from the data. The GDPR demands that an organisation is able to demonstrate compliance with the data protection principle.

GIS Consulting has been in the field for years and has helped hundreds of companies over the years. We are one of the 10 most promising cyber security colonies in India and also received appreciation from the US air force. We have a team of expert professionals who are well experienced in the field. Our team has a comprehensive framework, extensive experience and solution to help your organisation. We help you build a plan and implement the process and controls to perfection as well as implement the right solution that demonstrates and manages the ongoing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

There are many advantages and benefits that your organisation will enjoy by introducing GDPR. It will not only bring in a new level of transparency into the data storage, collection as well as usage but also will create a need for greater compliance spending. The GDPR ensures that our operational processes are up to the latest standards and also ensure that your technology is designed and optimised to the latest protocol. All of which require a compliance officer to monitor and manage the data collection campaigns, but with GDPR you save all that. Our services for GDPR are extremely cost effective and advantageous for your organization’s business. Contact us and get the best services by our expert professionals.

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Join The Best Certified Network Defender Certification Program Offered By GIS Consulting

Data protection Cyber Security Privacy Business Internet Technology Concept.

What Is A Certified Network Defender Certification?

A certified network defender certification program is focused on creating a network administrator who has proper training to protect, detect and respond to any and all threats to the network. A network administrator is usually familiar with several other factors such as network components, traffic, performance as well as the utilisation, network topology, location of each system, security policy, and much more.

A certified network defender certification provides you the fundamental understanding of the true construct of the data transfer, network technology and  software technology, so that you can understand how the networks operate as well as understand what software is automated and how to analyse the subject material.

certified network defender certification is a skill based lab intensive program that is based on a job task analysis as well as cybersecurity education framework that is presented by the national initiative of cyber security education.

Are you planning to get a certified network defender certification?

The main purpose of validation the skills attained by certified network defender certification is that it helps the network administrator foster resiliency and continuity of operations during any cyber attack to the networks.

In order to obtain a certified network defender certification one needs to get a passing score in the examination conducted. The examination consists of 100 questions that are in the format of  multiple choice questions. The exam is for the duration of 4 hours and the medium of test delivery is ECC EXAM. The prefix of the examination is 312-38.

To maintain a high integrity of the certified network defender certification examination conducted the questions in the examination are in the format of multiple choice questions. Each form is carefully analysed through proper beta testing. Using an appropriate sample group under the purview of a committee that are experts in the subject matter. This ensures that each of the examinations not only has academic rigor but also has the real work applicability.

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Evaluates All Types Of Security Risk Available In Your Business Network

VAPT identifies the network area where flaws are available without explaining how damaging it can be, by using the penetration tests, the vulnerabilities in the system are exploited to showcase whether damage can be done or not by exploiting the vulnerabilities. In simpler words, through vulnerability assessment, network vulnerabilities are discovered.

The penetration testing and vulnerability assessments involve two different tasks with a single goal. VAPT includes two types of network vulnerability tests that are used to uncover and evaluate all types of security risks that might be available in your business network.

We at Global IS Consulting have professional and experienced VAPT Consultants that provide you with the most effective results.

Why do we need VAPT?

In today’s digital world, online businesses are always at the risk of unauthorized data access as well as data theft. Even a small loop hole on the network security can cost you millions. The security threat to your network can occur anytime and in any for if your network is not kept protected. The vulnerability replica watches assessment and penetration testing solution (VAPT) that is offered by Global IS consulting gives you a chance to identity all the loops holes that might be existing in your security system, and also fix it by the help of experienced professional VAPT Consultants.

What is the objective of VAPT?

The main objective of VAPT is to identify the network area where flaws are available without explaining how damaging it can be, by using the penetration tests, the vulnerabilities in the system are exploited to showcase and provide you with a detailed report of whether the damage can be done or not by exploiting the vulnerabilities. Global IS Consulting not only provides you the detailed report of the flaws that might be valuable in your networks but also provides you with a detailed report by our professional VAPT Consultants on how the security vulnerabilities can be exploited to cause u a huge damage.

What does GISC offer in their VAPT service?

The VAPT service provided by GISC performs the comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. We identify all the vulnerabilities and provide you the complete list of threats in your existing system by using tools along with the severity of each risk. It performs both dynamic as well as static vulnerability analysis that not only identifies the available flaws in the network but also determines if there are any missing functionalities that can be future used to hamper the security of your network system.

What can you expect GISC to deliver?

We have GISC provides you the detailed report of VAPT. The experienced VAPT Consultants at GISC provide a detailed vulnerability report that highlights all the security loop holes in the network that might put your network in great danger and lead you to a huge loss. The detailed penetration test done by our experts will provide you with ways; your network vulnerability best replica watches can be exploited. The report also includes the solutions to all the identified risks and vulnerabilities that are detected in your network.

What are the benefits of VAPT?

VAPT provides a more comprehensive report of the networks vulnerability than any other available test. We at GISC have expert VAPT Consultants that provide a much more detailed view of potential threats that might be in an organisation’s network which enables to protect its businesses network in the most efficient way from all and any malicious attacks. By practicing VAPT you can ensure the complete safety of your business network as well as fix any risks that might have left unacknowledged.

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