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What is General Data Protection Regulation India?

General Data Protection Regulation India also known as GDPR. The new law introduced by the EU brings a 21st century approach to the data protection regulations. The GDPR not also expands the right of a person to control how their personal data is collected as well as processed. It also places many new obligations in organisations to be more accountable for data protection.

GDPR with the appropriate compliance framework not only helps your organisation to avoid reputational damage and also the significant fines. The GDPR also ensures your clients that your business is completely trustworthy, responsible and also derives valuable from the data. The GDPR demands that an organisation is able to demonstrate compliance with the data protection principle.

GIS Consulting has been in the field for years and has helped hundreds of companies over the years. We are one of the 10 most promising cyber security colonies in India and also received appreciation from the US air force. We have a team of expert professionals who are well experienced in the field. Our team has a comprehensive framework, extensive experience and solution to help your organisation. We help you build a plan and implement the process and controls to perfection as well as implement the right solution that demonstrates and manages the ongoing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

There are many advantages and benefits that your organisation will enjoy by introducing GDPR. It will not only bring in a new level of transparency into the data storage, collection as well as usage but also will create a need for greater compliance spending. The GDPR ensures that our operational processes are up to the latest standards and also ensure that your technology is designed and optimised to the latest protocol. All of which require a compliance officer to monitor and manage the data collection campaigns, but with GDPR you save all that. Our services for GDPR are extremely cost effective and advantageous for your organization’s business. Contact us and get the best services by our expert professionals.

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