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How A Network Infrastructure Audit Works & Why It Is Important

In the past few years, companies and organizations have become more capable of installing a number of external and internal network devices to its system. With the increasing network infrastructure, it becomes very difficult for them to detect any error or loopholes in the complex network system. Now here comes the need for a Network infrastructure audit.  It helps the organizations to analyze the current condition of their infrastructure and helps them understand in a better way.

What is a network infrastructure audit?

In simple terms, we can say that it is a process of mapping the software and hardware networks of any organization or company. It is a complex process that involves identifying the networks and detecting any error with the help of network auditing tools.  Network infrastructure audit also involves the security documentation of the organizations such as user accounts. 

When does an organization need a Network infrastructure audit?

 It is very essential to undergo network auditing from time to time for a company.  It plays an important role in business growth. Here are a few reasons why a business should consider a network infrastructure audit.

  1. Outdated and incomplete inventories:

When have you done your last auditing? Since then many changes have occurred. From updates in existing applications, the launch of new applications, budget forecasting, and the demands of networks and capital expenses all have changed. 

  • For refreshes and updates

Networks need to be upgraded from time to time. It is very essential to perform an audit to identify which networks need to be upgraded and replaced.

  • Troubleshooting and resolution

For troubleshooting and resolution of the complex network infrastructure, an audit is necessary. 

  • Compliance  standards

Compliance standards are an important reason to undergo network audits, especially for health care and financial industries. 

Benefits of Network Infrastructure audits : 

  • Network infrastructure audits help to improve the current performance of your company’s network infrastructure by mapping it correctly.
  • Enhance the abilities of your internal and external network infrastructure as per the current demand.
  • Identifies the weakness and loopholes that need to be fixed for future growth. 
  • Helps to detect any physical or configuration error. 
  • Network infrastructure audits verify the current situation of your network before any update. 

If you also want to perform the network infrastructure audit of your company, apply today on the official website of GIS consulting, which will help you in the business growth by performing any hardware and software audit, detect any error or loophole and mapping it in the right way. 

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