Why do you Need a Network Penetration Testing Services in an Organization?

Cybercrime is common and the attacks can happen every now and then. It is always better to undertake vulnerability scans and penetration testing to understand and identify vulnerabilities and to see that the cyber controls are working properly. Penetration testing helps to look at these vulnerabilities and try to exploit them. Network penetration testing is stopped when a network has been gained.

Network penetration testing is especially important because it is used to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, systems, and network devices before the hackers can be able to identify them and destroy them. Penetration testing is done by experts and highly trained software developers. An organization needs to conduct testing and the network penetration testing services (VAPT) are:

  • To identify any weakness or vulnerabilities in the hardware and application software
  • To identify the security flaws
  • To identify the level of risk an organization can face
  • To provide assurance to the information security and senior management executive that the controls have been implemented.  
  • To identify new vulnerabilities in the existing software.
  • The testing helps to fix the identified problems
  • To detect and identify intrusions and breaches.

There are various reasons for penetration testing.

  • Meeting compliance. A network penetration testing helps an organization to mitigate the risk associated with the network.
  • It helps in maintaining confidentiality. A security attack can hamper a company or an organization in various ways. So testing is important to keep the data and accounting records secure.
  • Increasing the revenue and goodwill of the organization. If the data of the organization gets lost, it hampers the security and brings loss of goodwill. If the security is maintained properly, the organization will increase the revenue and maintain goodwill. So, a security team is required in an organization to carry out the security testing.
  • Security training for the staff in the organization. Network penetration testing services (VAPT) help to identify and respond to the cyber-attacks properly.

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